Straw Merchants and Agricultural Contractors

PJ Reed Ltd buy and sell the finest quality wheat, barley, oat and rape straw. Such is the high demand for straw all year round, that shipments are dispatched daily, bound for destinations all over the UK and even exported further afield.


To satisfy the high volumes of demand, we're continually on the look-out to purchase straw stocks. Whether it's straw behind the combine at harvest time or stored bales, we can arrange to gather and collect. 


If you have surplus stocks of good quality straw you're looking to sell, then we'd love to hear from you.

Straw is a most versatile commodity. Whilst our straw is most often used for livestock bedding and fodder, it's also shipped for use at renewable energy plants. Demands are also met for agriculture, horticulture, building and insulation, thatching and arts and crafts.




Buying? Selling? Shipping? For all your straw requirements, please call Paddy and his team. Office: 01284 810751, Mobile: 07768 353910 or email

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