Agro-Master Bale Accumulators

Discover the benefits of operating a Parkland Bale Accumulator with your baler at harvest time

With the increasing demand from farmers for controlled traffic on their land, the addition of a bale accumulator facilitates a reduction of compaction on the land, as well as clearing bales from the fields in the most efficient way possible, whilst causing the least amount of damage with that controlled traffic systems in mind. This video demonstrates just how revolutionary your harvest could be, and showcases the full range of Accumulators including specifications and options.

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What is a bale accumulator?

Technology that could revolutionise your harvest time regime.

How does it work?

Understand the nuts and bolts in simple terms.

How does it save time and money?

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it.

ParkLand's Managing Director Søren Svenningsen talks exclusively to ProStraw Systems

During a very wet day at a recent Royal Norfolk Show, we took the opportunity to talk to Søren Svenningsen, the owner of Parkland Maskinfabrik A/S in Denmark. Parkland manufacture the range of Agro-Master Bale Accumulators which are exclusively imported to the UK and Republic of Ireland by ProStraw System's Paddy Reed.


How did the idea of building a bale accumulator come about? What are the benfits to farmers by using a bale accumulator? How did Paddy help develop the systems design? You can find out the answers to these questions and more, by clicking on the video above.

PJ Reed Ltd are the exclusive importers of ParkLand Agro-Master Bale Accumulators for the UK and Republic of Ireland. For more information, call Paddy and his team on 01284 810751 or email



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Brochure for 443, 445 and 453

Brochure for 455

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